Mobile Apps

The foreseeable future belongs to the mobile technology and Chalkpad always believes in being at the forefront of technology to enable us to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Towards this end, we are continuously developing new and exciting new mobile applications in the education space. These applications offer edutainment possibilities for students as well as compliment our existing applications in the Education ERP space. These applications are also meant to showcase our ability to develop custom content based solutions for our education clients. Some of the currently popular applications in this space are listed below.
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Ponderisms - iPhone Application

Humans are thinking animals , probably the only one in the animal kingdom. Ponderisms is an exciting application that will leave you scratching your head while showing a funny perspective of life. These witty and fun thoughts will entertain you with their wit, any place ,any time. This application contains a hand selected collection of some of the most amusing wits that will leave a smile on your face on one hand and food for thought on the other.
  • Help you constructively kill time whenever you need to
  • Bored at the railway station, use this application to entertain yourself.
  • Want to share a wit and a laugh with your friends, use this application to entertain all
  • Want to strike a conversation. Pick a bit of a wit from this application to make a beginning.
  • Show off your wit
  • Spark a SMS thread of conversation between friends based on one of the more thought provoking and witty quotes from this collection.
  • Want to impress your date with your wit. Try this app.
Face Wizard - iPhone Application
Sometime you wonder how will you look with a spiky hair cut, or long hair or how will you look with a turban. Ever imagined yourself with a funny beard or a funny costume.
Punjabi Akkhar - iPhone Application
A multimedia application for learning the language of the people of Punjab. Learn the Gurmukhi alphabet and numbers with images , sounds and the strokes required to draw them. Interesting and easy application for children to start their language lessons
RhymesPedia - iPhone Application
A collection of almost 100 popular nursery rhymes with kiddie backgrounds and soothing background music. Must have collection for all toddlers
Bubbling Maths - iPhone Application
Improve Your Math Skills while playing with bubbles. Burst the bubble and earn Gold Coins The funniest way ever to learn Maths.
Over 480 maths questions.
48 Levels to explore your Potential
  • Addition
  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Choose your Levels
    • Beginner (Simplest one)
    • Intermediate ( tickle your brain)
    • Expert ( Maths Bond )
  • Surprises
    • On completion of each level
  • Become a pirate and Collect Gold Coins
  • Rules of the Game:
    • 10 questions in each level will test your brilliance.
    • Unlock levels' by earning atleast 8 gold coins.
  • Ever Played with Bubbles ? If not then get ready to Play with them while Learning Maths and become a Pirate of Bubbling Maths.
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPod Touch.

CU-Mobile - iPhone Application

This application is an extension of the Chalkpad Education ERP system being used by Chitkara University , and provides an iPhone/iPad mobile client for students. Through this application, the students is able to access their academic information on the Go, anytime , anywhere.
Following are the features of this application.
  • Timetable: Get easy access to your daily class schedule and details on the faculty and location of the class
  • Courses and Session plan: See your subjects and session plans
  • Attendance: Access your latest attendance status of all subjects
  • Exam admit cards and results: Get your exam results with Marks, Grades.
  • Suggestion Box: Post your suggestions and complaints and see the status of the suggestions/complaints posted by you.
  • Faculty: See your Faculty and post messages to them
  • Notice Board: Read the latest and important notices for you