Mobile Apps

Hit-A-Pot - iPhone Application

The famous Indian matka game is here.

Can you hit a moving target ? Think so ? Try your skills at the famous Indian matka game. Use your finger to hit and break the swinging matka (Clay Pot).

The game consists of 20 levels with each level creating more and more excitement as the count down timer to break the matka keeps on decreasing. Background tabla sound, good graphics blended with simplicity will keep you engaged and entertained.

So test your reflexes with this highly addictive game.
PathTracer - iPhone Application

Check your "motor" skills on the virtual road using your finger. This classic game let's you test the firmness of your hand as you wriggle through twisted pathways building excitement at each level with a new map . Very few people have been able to clear all 20 Maps . Download and checkout if you can join their club.
  • Nice background music to maintain your excitement throughout the game.
  • Easy instructions before game starts which help you learn the game.
  • 20 Different Maps with some real challenging ones towards the end of the game
Dumbest News Headlines - iPhone Application
Here is a collection of some interesting news headlines that , just like the optical illusions can give you two perspectives of looking at the news. While one may make some sense if looked at with the straight face, the other opens the funny and witty side, leaving you wondering what was the editor thinking when he approved this for publishing. A short collection but something that will definitely bring a smile to your face and whenever you look at one. Also you can share the headline you like on facebook or even mail it to anyone.