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Punjabi Baisakhi - iPhone Application

Punjabi Baisakhi offers detailed description & information of the famous festival of punjab, Baisakhi.
The different features are:
  • About the Baisakhi festival
  • History of Baisakhi
  • Customs & Traditions
  • Baisakhi Gift Ideas
  • Significance
  • Videos
  • Delicacies prepared on Baisakhi
Saada Punjab - iPhone Application

A handy reference that briefly describe the essence of Punjab using audio/visual/video/text descriptions of it's festivals, dishes, geography, the gurmukhi alphabet and much more….
Features include multimedia descriptions of the following sections:
  • Festivals
  • Folk Dances
  • Dishes
  • Map
  • Dishes, which are further categorized to Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian dishes & Famous sweets of Punjab
  • Map of Punjab
  • Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Punjabi Alphabets
Say Hello - iPhone Application
What do you do when you meet someone ? You say "Hello" ! In this global world , it's not uncommon to meet someone from the other side of the planet. So, find out how the world greets through this handy little application that teaches you how to say hello in 130 languages
CandyFeast - iPhone Application

Chomp your way to the next level. Savour the sweet taste of the falling candies as you eat them by touching them on the screen.

The more candies you eat in a given time more exciting it becomes to eat even more toffees as you move to the next level…and the best part is that even after eating all these candies, you don't put on any weight :-)
Some interesting features:
  • Falling candies from a moving aero plane that needs to be eaten
  • Tap to eat them all
  • Timer In which you need to consume a specific number of candies.
  • Time and number keeps on changing in each level to make it more exciting
  • Total 72 candies to consume in this version. 5 levels, 10 Points for each candy which the player eats.
  • Nice sounds & Graphics which will keep you engaged and glued to the game
Dumbest News Headlines - iPhone Application
Here is a collection of some interesting news headlines that , just like the optical illusions can give you two perspectives of looking at the news. While one may make some sense if looked at with the straight face, the other opens the funny and witty side, leaving you wondering what was the editor thinking when he approved this for publishing. A short collection but something that will definitely bring a smile to your face and whenever you look at one. Also you can share the headline you like on facebook or even mail it to anyone.